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1950s RCA Victor "Victrola"
Radio-Phonograph Console



This is an RCA Victor "Victrola" Model 45-W-9 Radio-Phonograph Combination console
It was purchased by my parents in the 1950s, I think, and has remained in my family since then. I grew up sitting beside it, listening to the radio and playing 45s on it.

According to the instruction booklet that came with it, this model "contains the new RCA Victor '45' automatic phonograph and a two-band radio receiver. Special features embodying recent developments of engineering and design include--

  1. 'Golden Throat' Tone System

  2. Built-in Antenna

  3. Compact Roll-out Unit for AM-FM radio and your RCA Victor 
    45 rpm 7-inch Records

  4. Absolutely QUIET Automatic Record Changing

  5. Record Storage for 400 7-inch '45' records or 60 albums

  6. Auxiliary connection for additional phonograph or other equipment

  7. Extended Frequency Tone Range"

And most of it still works. The radio works perfectly and picks up both AM and FM stations. Tone and amplification are surprisingly good. 

The phonograph surely needs a new needle and perhaps other repairs. The on/off mechanism works perfectly, as does the mechanism that controls the arm and places it onto and off of the record. However, the turntable now makes a sound it shouldn't make as it revolves.

The condition of the solid wood cabinet is good, considering its age and that it has been moved several times over its 50+ years of life to several different cities. It measures 32"H x 28-1/2" W x 19" deep. There are some dings and scratches in the mahogany or cherry cabinet, but it easily could be refinished and restored to its original beauty. It was a very lovely piece of furniture and could be again.

The 45 record albums shown in the cabinet are not included. They will be sold either as a group or individually on eBay in coming weeks. The instruction booklets are included.

RCA console for sale for $200

Please email me if you have any questions.